Psychometric Testing

The term ‘psychometric’ is a general one and covers ability tests as well as questionnaires on personality and personal style. Tests of ability are considered measures of maximum performance and are designed to measure what a student is “capable of knowing” as opposed to attainment tests which measures what a student knows relative to a curriculum. The most commonly used ability tests are those measuring numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning. 

Each person is born with a unique set of natural talents/abilities which enables them to perform certain tasks easily.  It is important to discover these inborn talents by using an objective assessment tool. 

Anne Ryan Careers offers optional online psychometric profiling designed to identify abilities, aptitudes, personality traits, interests and values. This information provides students with a high degree of self awareness/understanding which maximises an individual’s ability to make the right choices when making career decisions. The greater the overlap between, on the one hand, an individual’s  interests, aptitudes, and personal characteristics and, on the other, the challenges and tasks required by a particular job or area of study, the greater degree of satisfaction when engaged in that course of study or occupation.

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